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Starter Pact... a 10-track, paranoid sonic journey that drifts between the electro-pop overground and half-lit boom-bap underground.
Featuring collaborations with Solareye, SHEARS, and Sam West, 'Starter Pact' was released on the 15th of December (2021) on Glasgow’s legendary Southside Deluxe label, with artwork by designer Genevieve Ryan.

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Stanley Odd 'KILLSWITCH' (Official Video)
Stanley Odd

Stanley Odd 'KILLSWITCH' (Official Video)

'Big Heid' Artwork by Panda: Video by Danger Kill Productions: Produced by Dunt & Solareye Lyrics: Welcome back to savage exchanges Here, can somebody explain please? Every time a royal is having a baby I feel like I’m living in Gavin and Stacy Wait. Is that reference dated?! Fine ‘cause this face comes straight from the 80s I’ll put you through your paces It’s so hard to find good conspirators lately Fake news, deep fakes and the deep state Keep folks glazed on cheap cocaine This a new remedy for the sickness Toxic shock to get felt on the Richter Mate why so glaiket? I been on this since Limmy said gies yir jaiket We are collaborators We are collaborators We are collaborating re-al contamination You are the state of fear and I'm an agent God bless you sir. As-Salāmu Alaykum Nostalgic for an imperial nation That crumbles under closer examination Hard Brexiteers claim their booking travel agents Bon voyage hope yi get detained at immigration OWR: Old white and racist Caught in a sleeper hold by the Matrix Thinking the skin yir in makes you diff-er-ent You’re not an expat mate you’re an immigrant You don’t know which century you’ve been living in You’re not poetry mate you’re a limerick Dumb things Mal-funk-shin Assump shins Dis-rup-shin Bairns not bombs for yir luncheon We want drums not drones ya dumplin’ Rising tensions No NHS and no pensions No Post Office, no assisted living And you wonder why there’s no community spirit I’m taking cheap shots at Jacob Rees-Mog Blood suckers know the people they can feed off Send this line of minor Etonians Off to SA and have em mining zirconium This is a reverse kill switch Sound the alarm, this is not a drill kids Raise the alert, smash the glass I’m still blitzed In case of emergency get out yir phone and film this Palestine's a friend of mine It’s past time to end apartheid How’s it a heretical view To question Benjamin Netynyahu Agitprop is an insult Not hip-hop – an insult I’m standing on stage with a live grenade And when I let it fall you could hear a pin drop I watched the Amazon on Fire On ma Amazon Fire Tried to log out the planet It said ‘your password’s expired’ You implied that we generalise with no mission Which is weird cause I thought I'd been pretty specific And just cause I think we should all get along You seem to think I’ve no content in ma songs? I’m interested in commonalities Building bridges while you’re bombing alleyways What I believe in is being good and decent It’s weird you don’t see that as just humans being Can I kick it? Yes you can't Wait a minute – Who you calling a can't? I'm a can of worms that you don't want tae open mate Too many years nose pressed to the coal face Officials are paid off to instigate wars While publicly wringing their hands and shouting ‘Praise God’ Conspiracy theorists can’t be serious howling from crazed blogs Information overload, I’m needing to take stock Wait stop, Infobesity too much mass info Force feeding me, call it Foie Gras Syndrome An embattled and embittered public Rise up when municipal VR feed is interrupted First round of virus got the frail and the weak The sound of silence while we stay in and sleep Next comes the violence, power cuts, riots and a blaze in the street I haven’t even been able to Google ma own name in a week So many people doing cocaine Delivery drivers drapping aff need their own lanes _ cooncil cut wi a claymore like Brexit yi get what yi pay for 3 for 80 I believe Me, I’m 50/50 on whether or not we prop up the economy
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“Dunt has been behind some of the year’s best Scottish releases and continues to show remarkable intelligence in his approach. I look forward to what 2021 has on the horizon” -Podcart

"I've been lucky enough to work with Dunt a few times now… I love how he puts songs together. He's innovative and classic at the same time somehow.” -Matty Green (*Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, N.E.R.D)

Name-checked on both Vic Galloway's "25 Scottish Artists to Watch in 2021" for BBC Radio Scotland, and BBC Rapal's "Artists to Look Out For in 2021”...  Dunt is an elusive, enigmatic producer with a cult following for his trademark tube-saturated, space-echo drenched beats, in a netherworld between dark pop and chopped breaks.

2021 sees the release of debut solo album – Starter Pact – a paranoid sonic journey that drifts between the electro-pop overground and half-lit boom-bap underground. Featuring collaborations with Solareye, SHEARS and Sam West (Animal Tracks), Starter Pact will be released in November 2021 on Glasgow’s legendary Southside Deluxe label, with artwork and animation from designer Genevieve Ryan.

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